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Sweet Aura 18ct Yellow Gold, Peridot, Diamond & Light Purple Sapphire Ring

Sweet Aura 18ct Yellow Gold, Peridot, Diamond & Light Purple Sapphire Ring

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This Peridot, with its beautiful yellow green colour is a powerful cleaner.  It releases and neutralises toxins and old baggage.  It teaches you that holding onto things or people you no longer need is counterproductive.  It releases negative energy and helps you move forward fast, alleviating feelings of jealousy, resentment, anger and stress, so that the right type of change can start to take place.  Set with diamonds to strengthen the properties of the peridot and with light purple sapphires that encourage wisdom and peace of mind and have an extremely calming effect, especially if you're a little emotionally upset or unstable.  


Sweet Aura is a celebration of colour, a joyful expression of energetic gemstones and positive vibrations.  They playful designs are meant to inspire happiness and delight, while the vibrant colours of the aura is like surrounding yourself with a radiant, positive energy that can help lift your spirits and make you feel your best.  It's like an invisible force field of positivity, almost like a little bubble of happiness that follows you around!


Sugarloaf cut, Peridot, 7.23ct, with 26 Diamonds (0.40ct) and an outer ring of 34 Light Purple Sapphires (0.63ct).

Please note:
As gemstones are natural materials, each stone is absolutely unique. They will vary in colour and have individual, unique inclusions and features. Images of stones are only representatives of the unique stone you will receive when ordering the product, not the exact stone.

Should you want a different centre stone and/or sweet aura colours, please contact us.  We do bespoke rings, so you can get exactly the ring which is right for you and your aura.

Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery as each piece is made to order. We do have a selection of jewellery in stock, which can be delivered quickly. Please contact for more details.

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