Care Guide

How to take care of your jewellery

All pieces of jewellery need to be cleaned from time to time. Dirt, creams, make-up, body oils, moisture, and air can tarnish their gleam. In this case, we suggest you simply use warm water and a soft cloth or brush. Because our jewellery carries gems and crystals that have special properties, it is not recommended to use any harsh chemicals, hard brushes, or specific products. Likewise, we strongly advise against employing an ultrasonic cleaner, which can permanently damage many stones.


Special crystal care

Your piece of Charlotte Reedtz jewellery will have been cleansed and programmed especially for you and your purpose when you receive it. However, as crystals interact energetically with the person for whom they are destined, it’s important to ‘cleanse’ the stones from time to time, to regenerate them, rid them of any undesirable energy they might have absorbed, and restore them to their natural state.


Cleansing of crystals

There are various ways of cleansing crystals, and you may want to try several to find the one you are most comfortable with. Here are two easy and powerful methods, that we personally like to use. When you purchase a piece of jewellery, we will provide you with more if you like.

• Running water

Hold your piece of jewellery under a running tap so the crystal(s) are fully covered and imagine all unwanted energies disappearing with the water down the drain (be careful not to let go of your jewellery!). Some people like to say something while doing this, like “let all the negative energies return to earth to be cleansed”. The whole process does not take more than a minute.

• Sound

Sound vibrations from a singing bowl, a bell, a gong, or a tuning fork are a powerful cleansing tool to rid a crystal of imbalances. Use any of these devices and sound them close to the crystals a few times. If you have a singing bowl, you can simply place your piece of jewellery in it while you make it resonate. One minute of sound vibrations is enough.

You can cleanse a crystal as often as you like. Sometimes, you will feel when it is time to restore its natural balance. Sometimes you will need it to be vibrating at its highest level. Sometimes it will be so close to you that you’ll forget it needs cleansing. We recommend that in any case, you cleanse your crystal jewellery for