Discover the strength of your wish 

Colourful vibrations

If you were granted a magic wish, what would it be? Would you wish for love, for happiness, for protection, for willpower, for success, for prosperity…, or maybe for something more specific? No matter what you wish for, the Magic Wish rings assist you on an energetic level to help achieve your desires. Each crystal has unique properties and vibrations that will impact your own energetic field, acting like a catalyst for positive change, allowing you to attract your wish and create new beginnings.

The central stone on these colourful, opulent Magic Wish rings, are set with a star heaven. If the stone is transparent, you can see the stars through the stone. If the stone is translucent or opaque, you can see it from the inside. The star heaven is what allows the crystal to always be in touch with your skin, keeping the connection with its vibrational flow constant. With the Magic Wish ring on your finger, your crystal will be working with you at all times. Feeling this special bond, and even simply looking at the stunning ring, will empower and enchant you.

With our Magic Wish bulb earrings, powerfully sprouting stars, you will be wearing seeds of magic and energy. From these will spring your intentions, what you wish to see. Just like with Magic Wish rings, when you choose a pair, it will be the right one for you. The Magic Wish earrings will accompany you, helping you cultivate your desires and make your dream come true.