Quality & Sourcing

Combining passion and expertise

We take great care in selecting the perfect gemstones and gold used for our collections, and only work with people who share the same passion and ethical approach as us.

Ethically sourced, unique quality stones and gold

Because we believe that each stone is unique and carries a distinctive energy, we work adamantly to honour and preserve that exclusiveness. Charlotte chooses quality stones, but she also searches for the ‘right’ ones: those with the perfect resonance and vibrations. The people who handle our stones have the same passion as us, and the same respect for what the Earth has produced. Our gemstones and crystals are sourced ethically, and in their raw natural state, before being polished and cut individually with meticulous care for our needs and specifications, ready to be set by hand in our workshop. The artisan gem cutters and master craftsmen we work with are people we know, whose expertise we fully trust, and who all share our ethical approach and beliefs. We use recycled, sustainably sourced gold, sometimes mixed with a bit of new gold, if needed. Every piece of jewellery is one-of-a-kind – each stone has a unique story and holds only pure, positive energy.