Colours & Meanings

Tapping into the healing powers of colours

Colour is the energy of visible light. White light is a combination of all the colours of the rainbow. Colour wavelengths are in essence vibrations – energy that we absorb, through our eyes and skin but also through our chakras or energy centres, which are linked to our nervous system.

The colour of a crystal is determined by the way light interacts with it, which in turn determines how it affects you, emotionally, mentally, and physically. The unique composition and the structure of a crystal, together with its coloration contributes to enhancing your vibrational frequency, encouraging you to use the healing powers within you. Colour can be used to promote harmony and balance between the body, mind, and spirit. It can aid creativity, release blockages, encourage relaxation, uplift mood, inspire change…

You may need one or several specific colours, or different colour and stone combinations, at various points of your life. Your intuition will lead you to choosing the right stone and colour (Charlotte Reedtz can also help you identify what you need, in a personalised consultation). Any crystal you are drawn to will have a healing effect on you, as crystals always work for the highest good.

Crystal colours and energy

The internal structure of a crystal determines how it disperses, diffracts and selectively absorbs light, and the colour you see, is a mix of the remaining lightwaves. Here are how different colours of the spectrum can affect us in different ways.

  • Black / Grey

    Black absorbs all the aspects of light. It is the strong energy of protection and grounding. It also carries the energy of gestation and preparation, as black is closely connected to the energies of the earth. It can help explore deep levels, bringing to surface underlying emotions and hidden factors, and allowing different possibilities to emerge.

  • Blue

    Blue energy is that of flow, communication, and self-expression. It can lift tension and moods, and encourage understanding, empathy, and acceptance. Blue stones inspire deep peace and the release of long held stress, while guiding intuition, inspiration, and the ability to see and understand clearly.

  • Brown

    Brown is a comforting, calming and warm energy. It is grounding and will help you reconnect with nature and with your surroundings and can assist you when a decision has to be made. It gives a sense of security, stability, and wholesomeness, and helps dissipate negative thoughts.

  • Green

    Green is an emotional stabiliser, which encourages harmony with your surroundings. It is the colour of love, care, and share, of strengthened relationships and expression from the heart. Green brings balance, restful energy, and release from emotional pain. It also carries a vibration that stimulates personal potential, growth, and expansion of knowledge.

  • Orange

    Orange vibration fuels creativity and removes blockages and built-up stress, allowing for growth and joy. Orange stones are also useful in situations of shock and trauma, as they energise repair mechanisms within the body. They soothe, restore, and reintegrate dissipated energies.

  • Pink

    Pink energy is that of harmony. It is unifying and re-establishes calm. With pink light, all misunderstandings and aggressions fade away; emotional tension is released, levels of tolerance and sympathy are improved, and feelings of love and compassion take over. Pink also enhances self-love, self-confidence, and acceptance.

  • Red

    Red stones are energising and stimulating, both mentally and physically. While they have a stabilising, grounding effect, they also enhance passion and stamina. Red energy encourages action and provides dynamism, drive and courage. It manifests as assertiveness and self-confidence, and enhances the capability of remaining centred, perseverant, and realistic. Red stones are wonderful motivators.

  • Violet

    Violet is the highest and fastest vibrating colour in the spectrum. Its energy brings together the qualities of activating red and appeasing blue, making it one of the most valuable and all-compassing healing colours. Violet vibration fosters acceptance and understanding of oneself and of others. It encourages artistic expression and helps nurture inspiration and problem solving. Last but not least, the all-pervading nature of violet vibration is highly effective for meditation.

  • White / Clear

    White is the entire light spectrum seen at once. It is the complete energy of light and as such it carries the vibration of potential. It has the ability to purify, to clear away the clutter, sweep away blockages, and clarify all aspects of life. White is valuable for new beginnings and fresh starts, brings peace, and helps connection with the spiritual realms. When combined with another colour, white will amplify that colour. 

  • Yellow / Gold

    Yellow energy expresses positiveness, feelings of happiness and mental stimulation. It supports the sense of self-worth and self-knowledge, making the world an easier place to understand and to interact with. Yellow vibration is empowering because it helps us recognise what is useful and what is harmful. It strengthens decisiveness, creates clarity, increases flexibility, and installs confidence.