Vibrant fine jewellery with a purpose

Explore the world of Charlotte Reedtz Jewellery where every piece is specially destined for the person who will wear it. Whether you buy our vibrant, contemporary fine jewellery for yourself or you give or receive it, the experience will be personal and meaningful. Beyond the stunning gemstones and design, there is a story and a deeper significance. Each stone is chosen for the distinctive energy it holds and the way it will empower the wearer. Each stone is set with an intention. Each colour has a purpose. With our creations, we aim to give you the keys to your inner voice and the power to freely express who you are and what you want. Our highest goal is to inspire you to welcome joy and positive change through self-empowerment… and a little bit of magic. 

  • How to choose a ring

    Finding the correct ring size is essential for your comfort and your jewellery’s safety. Follow our ring-size guide to find your perfect fit.

  • Bespoke

    Use our bespoke service to create a unique piece of jewellery that corresponds to what you desire, and get advice about choice of stones.

  • Care guide

    Get advice about how clean and to take care of your jewellery and keep the stones energetically vibrant with our special guide.