Installs emotional and mental calm

Tanzanite brings peace and helps to quickly release and re-centre emotions and feelings. It enhances patience and the ability to reflect before speaking. Tanzanite, with its mesmerising violet-blue colour, is the stone of serenity and is very soothing. It brings healing on many levels while absorbing positive energy from surrounding sources, creating a new wholeness.

Found only in a single location in the world, Tanzania, this remarkable gem embodies the very essence of rarity and exclusivity and holds a deep connection to the land from which it emerged.   Only discovered in 1967 in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, it holds a profound place in the realm of gemmology.  Believed to be over 585 million years in the making, Tanzanite's formation is a result of metamorphosed limestone exposed to the heat and pressure of tectonic plate activity.  

Tanzanite is a high vibrating stone and can help create deep profound meditative states.  Tanzanite can help you getting rid of patterns and karmic energy that no longer is good for you. It is believed to possess healing energies that soothe and align the mind, body, and spirit. It is often associated with emotional balance, spiritual awakening, and clarity of thought. It also helps cancelling out negative energies and transform them into positive and constructive ones. Such associations have made Tanzanite a sought-after gem among those who seek harmony and inner peace. 


The Bespoke Experience

Our bespoke service is available whether you are looking for a special design or a variation of a design from our collection. It enables us to create a unique ring or pair of earrings using Tanzanite, in the configuration and combination of gemstones that you imagine.  This approach allows us to capture your heart’s desires and your energetic needs.