Tanzanite: A Radiant Gem of Wonders 

Found only in a single location in the world, Tanzania, this remarkable gem embodies the very essence of rarity and exclusivity and holds a deep connection to the land from which it emerged. Discovered in 1967, it holds a profound place in the realm of gemmology.  

Tanzanite is part of the mineral Zoisite family and zoisite can also occur in pink, yellow, green, brown as well as the beautiful transparent blue variety of the mineral colour of Zoisite called Tanzanite. Tanzania, a country renowned for its rich wildlife and natural wonders, proudly boasts Tanzanite as its national gem. Tanzanite, with its mesmerizing violet-blue colour, was first discovered in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Its birthplace is shrouded in awe-inspiring geological tales, as it is formed through a unique combination of factors. Believed to be over 585 million years in the making, Tanzanite's formation is a result of metamorphosed limestone exposed to the heat and pressure of tectonic plate activity. The forces of nature worked in harmony to create this beautiful gem, making it as rare as it is captivating. Its discovery in 1967 ignited a wave of admiration, prompting the gem to be embraced not only for its beauty but also for the economic opportunities it brought to the region. Tanzanite became a symbol of hope and prosperity, empowering the local communities and inspiring generations to dream big. 

Throughout history, gemstones have held a special place in human culture, captivating hearts and minds with their elegance and mystique. Tanzanite, with its relatively recent emergence, has taken its rightful place among the pantheon of renowned gemstones. Its allure continues to grow, captivating the imaginations of designers and jewellery connoisseurs. Beyond its captivating appearance, Tanzanite possesses metaphysical properties that add to its allure.   

Tanzanite is a high vibrating stone and can help create deep profound meditative states. It is believed to download information from the Akashic Records and facilitating inner and outer journeying. Tanzanite can help you getting rid of patterns and karmic energy that no longer is good for you. It is believed to possess healing energies that soothe and align the mind, body, and spirit. It is often associated with emotional balance, spiritual awakening, and clarity of thought. It also helps cancelling out negative energies and transform them into positive and constructive ones. Such associations have made Tanzanite a sought-after gem among those who seek harmony and inner peace. 

As we marvel at the magnificence of Tanzanite, let it serve as a reminder of the wonders that lie within our world. It is a testament to the extraordinary forces of nature and the untapped potential waiting to be discovered. Just as Tanzanite emerged from the depths of the Earth, so too can we unearth our own hidden brilliance, for within each of us lies the power to shine brightly and leave a legacy.  

Tanzanite is part of the orthorhombic crystal system. It is often found in broken pieces and will display vitrious lustre. It does not have a very high hardness, so this is a perfect stone for cocktail rings, necklaces and earrings. However, it’s not the right stone for physical work, as it is more brittle. In Tanzanite, we find a gem that not only dazzles the eye but also ignites the soul. One of the remarkable facts about Tanzanite is its extraordinary strong pleochroic colours, which include blue, yellow and pink (in un-treated stones) and blue and violet if the stone has been heat-treated. Pleochroic means that the stone, when viewed with a dichroscope, will displays assorted colours from different angles. This inherent characteristic adds to its desirability. Such versatility grants Tanzanite the ability to captivate hearts and minds with its ever-changing splendour.  

Let the allure of Tanzanite inspire us to embrace our uniqueness, celebrate our origins, and seek the beauty that resides within. May it ignite our passion, kindle our creativity, and remind us that life's most extraordinary gems are often discovered when we dare to explore the depths of possibility. Let us cherish and embrace this captivating treasure, for in doing so, we honour the remarkable journey that brought it to our world, and we are reminded of the boundless wonders that await us when we dare to dream and pursue our aspirations with unwavering determination. Throughout history, gemstones have held a special place in human culture, captivating hearts and minds with their elegance and mystique. Its rarity, captivating hues, and rich history make it a true treasure deserving of admiration and more important healing.