Lapis Lazuli

Releases stress and brings deep peace

Lapis Lazuli brings an overall harmony on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It provides clarity and insight, aids communication, and boosts concentration. It encourages taking charge of one’s life and helps confront truth and accept what it teaches whilst dissolving unhealthy emotional bonds and roots in love and/or friendships.  Its connection to the throat chakra encourages authentic self-expression and the power to communicate one's deepest truths with courage and clarity.

Lapis Lazuli, derived from the Latin word "lapis" meaning stone and the Persian word "lazhuward" signifying blue, embodies the very essence of the heavens above. Its vibrant, deep blue colour, reminiscent of the midnight sky, has long been associated with celestial realms and divine wisdom. A remarkable aspect of Lapis Lazuli lies in its mineral composition, sparkling with golden flecks, reminiscient of stars in the night sky.  These dazzling inclusions, known as "pyrite specks", enhance its allure and add a touch of celestial magic to its appearance.

Lapis Lazuli's geological origins are truly fascinating.  It is composed primarily of the mineral lazurite, alongside calcite, pyrite and traces of other minerals.  Mined in select locations such as Afghanistan, Russia and Chile, this gemstone emerges from the depths  of the Earth, crafted by the forces of time and pressure.  This gemstone originates primarily from the remote mines of Afghanistan, a land steeped in rich cultural heritage.  Lapis Lazuli's history stretches back over 6,000 years, where it was treasured by ancient civilisations.  The Egyptians, who believed it possessed magical powers, adorned their tombs and monuments with Lapis Lazuli.  They ground it into a fine powder to create the captivating ultramarine pigment used in their elaborate wall paintings and statues.  The stunning golden sarcophagus of King Tutankhamun bore witness to the splendour of Lapis Lazuli, adorning his final resting place.  The ancient Sumerians and Babylonians regarded it as a symbol of royalty and divinity, attributing healing and protective properties to this celestial gem.  In Renaissance Europe it was considered a talisman for artists and thinkers, believed to enhance creativity and stimulate intellectual pursuits. 


The Bespoke Experience

Our bespoke service is available whether you are looking for a special design or a variation of a design from our collection. It enables us to create a unique ring or pair of earrings using Lapis Lazuli, in the configuration and combination of gemstones that you imagine.  This approach allows us to capture your heart’s desires and your energetic needs.