Balances the mind and opens intuition

Amethyst brings calm, dispelling anxieties, stress, fears, and anger.  The beautiful crystal can help maintain stability and equilibrium in all situations and is a useful stone in matters of decision-making and self-control. It is a protective stone, with strong healing and cleansing powers. It blocks geopathic stress and negative environmental energies.

Amethyst is formed within the depths of the Earth, where molten rock cools and crystalizes over time.  This natural process produces a stunning gem that varies in colour from deep purple to light violet.  A gem of purest quality that is a beautiful purple with deep blueish-purple highlights and lines, known as tiger lines, which are in fact healed fractures created during the formation of the stones.  Amethyst stands as a captivating testament to nature's ability to create something truly extraordinary.  With its regal purple hues and mesmerising crystal formation, Amethyst is not just a gemstone, it is a symbol of transformation, clarity and spiritual enlightenment. 

The most important sources of Amethyst are in Brazil, Bolivia, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Our crystals are either from Brazil, which have a slightly warmer hue to the crystals or from Africa, where they are slightly bluer in colour giving natural variations to our jewellery, but still the same spiritual and holistic benefits.

Amethyst jewellery is a stunning and versatile addition to any jewellery collection. Its rich purple colour and unique properties make it a favourite among gemstone lovers, and our collection offers a wide variety of styles to choose from. 



The Bespoke Experience

Our bespoke service is available whether you are looking for a special design or a variation of a design from our collection. It enables us to create a unique ring or pair of earrings using Amethyst, in the configuration and combination of gemstones that you imagine.  This approach allows us to capture your heart’s desires and your energetic needs.