How to choose the right ring

How to choose the right ring

Finding the correct ring size is essential. If a ring is too large or slides around, you can inadvertently lose it or damage surfaces with it. If it is too tight, your finger will be constricted and wearing the ring will feel uncomfortable. A perfect sized ring will sit snug enough on your finger to not slip off but not so tight that you cannot slide it over your knuckle.

To obtain your accurate ring size, we advise you to measure your finger several times, at different moments of the day. The size of your fingers varies in function of the temperature and can also be affected by physical activity or even by what you eat. Having a good idea about theses variations will help you find the perfect fit and size. We also recommend you pay attention to your knuckles. If they are large, consider ordering ½ size larger than your ring measurement, so you won’t have problems sliding your ring on.

How to measure your finger

Several methods can be used to measure your finger. You can use a strip of paper or a piece of string (or some dental floss). Wrap the strip or string around your finger where you would like the ring to sit and mark the spot where it overlaps. You can then measure this with a ruler (in millimetres) and use our ring chart to determine your size. The measurement you obtain will correspond to the inside circumference of your ring. Remember to measure your finger several times and at different moments for better accuracy.

If you already have a ring that fits your finger perfectly, and you want the new ring to be the same size, you can print off a ring size chart and place your ring on each circle until you find the size that corresponds to your existing ring’s inner circumference (it should cover the entire inner edges of the ring). Make sure you are looking at the chart directly from above and not from one side. If you find the ring falls between two sizes, then opt for the larger size.

Order a ring sizer

Alternatively, you can also order a ring sizer on the Internet or directly from us by filling out the form below. We will send it to you by post, free of charge.